Thank you from Drew

We received the nicest thank you letter from Drew Kromer, Chair of the Mecklenburg County Dem Party. Remember him from our kickoff event in January? He’s SO grateful for all the money we raised!


When we set a goal - we demolish it! IMRV raised 17% of the Team goal and 14% of the Vermont goal!

  • IMRV raised $4,015, twice our $2000 goal
  • Lean Left NC Team raised $22,550, surpassing $20,000 goal
  • Lean Left VT total $28,331 above State goal of $25,000

The event, sponsored by 15 organizations, including IMRV and Lean Left, along with more than 70 individuals from around the country set a goal of raising $500,000. To date, $661,380 has been raised, with $276,300 showing in pledges to be collected over the next few weeks.

Remember…this early money will ramp up field staff who can reach potential voters now instead of five months down the road. They will register them; they will make sure these voters have the information they need to cast their ballots; they will turn them out to vote.

We rocked NC fundraising!