President Biden at the White House correspondents dinner:

‘Every single one of us has roles to play — a serious role to play in making sure democracy endures — American democracy. I have my role, but, with all due respect, so do you.’

Vermont-Specific Benefits from the Biden administration

On April 12, 2024, the Biden administration cancelled more student debt! In VERMONT, we are up to 6,490 people and a total of $347 million dollars of debt relief!

To date, 4.3 million borrowers have been approved for student loan debt relief under the Biden Administration, totaling nearly $153 BILLION dollars. This comes on top of Public Service Loan Forgiveness for teachers, nurses, police officers and other public service workers.

The administration also already raised the maximum amount of the Pell Grant for low income students.

And Biden is not done; he continues to work on a plan that would cancel student debt for more than 30 million Americans when combined with everything already achieved.

Who do you know that is affected by student loan debt? Make sure to spread the word!