We received the nicest thank you letter from Drew Kromer, Chair of the Mecklenburg County Dem Party. Remember him from our kickoff event in January? His picture’s above and he’s SO grateful for all the money we raised!


Help win North Carolina’s 16 electoral votes!

Inspired by our January Zoom call with Drew Kromer, Democratic Party Chair of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, IMRV will work to increase voter turnout in the county by 80,000 votes. Mecklenburg’s turnout levels can decide statewide races, and concurrently, the national presidential race.

Help Build Capacity

  • Recruit Volunteers

  • Raise Money

Generate Energy and Excitement around Elections

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Talking to Voters

Get Out the Vote

  • Help people know which candidates to vote for

  • Provide information on voting locations, times, early voting

  • Highlight the Importance and Value of Voting

  • Emphasize how voting can and will impact the voter’s life