Have you heard of THE STATES PROJECT (TSP)?

Ten districts could determine whether or not women in the South have access to reproductive health care. Ten districts could end anti-voting, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-gun safety, anti-environment, and anti-education measures. Ten districts that turn out voters for state races could save a Democratic governor’s veto against Republicans’ most egregious policies and put Biden in the White House.

Working with the NC House Democratic Caucus, TSP has identified the 10 most competitive races in the state. Flipping one seat will break the Republican supermajority in the legislature. TSP uses effective support for candidates district by district. Evidence-based tactics prioritize candidate name recognition, including very local press support, candidate door-knocking, and ad-testing to ensure candidates address local issues.

Help win North Carolina’s 16 electoral votes!

Inspired by our January Zoom call with Drew Kromer, Democratic Party Chair of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, IMRV will work to increase voter turnout in the county by 80,000 votes. Mecklenburg’s turnout levels can decide statewide races, and concurrently, the national presidential race.